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Tanatloc is a graphical interface for FreeFEM, a powerful PDE solver.
Run your numerical simulations locally using the provided physics models (linear elasticity, Navier-Stokes, and more) or write your own using the FreeFEM language

Deploy your code on Qarnot, a low-carbon emissions HPC cloud platform, or Rescale using our paid HPC plugins.
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Tanatloc is an open-source project by Airthium, a deeptech startup working on decarbonizing the planet :earth_africa:.

Local app - Electron

You can run Tanatloc locally using the Electron app, download the latest release on the tanatloc-electron repository.

Server deployment - Docker

If you want to run Tanatloc on a server, you can use the tanatloc-deploy script. The Tanatloc-deploy script uses the Tanatloc Docker.



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